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Sinn Féin warns of dangers motorists are facing at Hilltown


Crotlieve Councillor Oksana McMahon and Sinn Féin Hilltown spokesperson Gerry O’Hare have warned of the danger that motorists who are traveling around Hilltown village are facing on deteriorating roads in the area.


Oksana McMahon in a statement said;

‘Local Sinn Féin representatives, as well as party activists, are every day being inundated by resident’s who are angry at the current poor condition of roads within the area, with flooding and potholes being the main concern’.


‘This was noted by myself and Gerry O’Hare who is the party’s Hilltown spokesperson when we visited the Clonduff Road’.


‘I will have made contact with the Department for Infrastructure, and they have assured me that the road is on a shortlist for repairs along with 6 other roads in the Hilltown area’.


‘Our Party representatives and activists will continue to highlight these on-going issues within the area as well as the whole constituency.’


Gerry Ohare stated; ‘As a resident of the area I use these roads every day, and it is unacceptable that many are becoming to the point that they are impassable along many stretches without risking doing serious damage to your vehicle’.


‘I am glad that our Sinn Féin team working alongside Councillor McMahon are taking on these issues that affect the community and would commend Oksana for this’.

‘I would also like to add a reminder to all motorists that they can seek compensation for damages to their vehicles due to poor conditions of roads and would recommend that anyone affected to do so’.