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Minister launches Strangford Road Traffic Review


Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard has launched a traffic review of the Strangford / Downpatrick road following yet another road traffic collision in recent days.

Stretching from Downpatrick town to the coast, the Strangford Road – which becomes the Downpatrick Road closer to the village of Strangford – has become notorious for high speed and unfortunately too many collisions.

Chris Hazzard on the Strangford Road

Chris Hazzard on the Strangford Road

Mr Hazzard said:

“In recent times I have become very aware of concerns relating to the high speeds, increasing collisions and the subsequent decline of pedestrians choosing to walk along the Strangford Road.

“The Department will not only assess current traffic patterns, but will examine what additional engineering and enforcement solutions could be deployed to improve road safety in the months ahead.

“This review will also look at traffic issues – including speeding – closer to Downpatrick, with a particular focus on the increasing number of children living in the nearby housing developments such as The Meadows.

Mr Hazzard added:

“As significant as this Traffic Review will be, it is important to remember that Government officials can not be in the car, around every bend. Drivers must exercise patience and drive responsibly. There is absolutely no excuse for some of the dangerous driving we have seen on the Strangford Road in recent years.”

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