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McMahon calls for later to be tackled in Ballyholland


Sinn Fein Crotlieve Councillor Oksana McMahon has been campaigning for cleaner and safer environment throughout the district.

In a statement Oksana stated;
“We have received numerous complaints from our local residents about unacceptable situations with littering particularly on rural roads.
People using, for instance, Ballyholland and Temple Hill roads Mayobridge rd, as a shortcut to other destinations are disposing of their waste along the way.
This is totally unacceptable. And has to stop.The litter including plastic bottles, cups, plastic bags are being blown onto the Fields and are causing damage to the environment and livestock’.
‘I have been in contact with Council officials and requested more bins to be installed in Ballyholland which can also be used for dog litter for the many dog owners who use this road on a daily basis. I would like to thank the Council for this quick response to deliver this much-needed work’.

The Sinn Féin Councillor added;

‘There has also been problems regarding illegal dumping around Derryleackagh Playing Fields.
Council officials have assured us is that bins which are situated on the field itself are being emptied on a regular basis after every match and that the grounds around the facility and the Road adjacent to it will have a regular cleaning rota’.
Concluding Oksana said;

‘I would like to appeal to the motorists that are using country roads to be responsible and respect the environment and other people’s property and remind them to dispose of their litter and unwanted households items in specially designated areas.’