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Irish Language threatens no-one: Rogan

South Down MLAs Emma Rogan & Sinéad Ennis join protestors at Stormont seeking Irish language rights.


Sinn Féin MLA Emma Rogan has praised the strong message from pobal na Gaeilge this week, that the Irish Language threatens no-one.

Speaking after a protest at Stormont spearheaded by school kids and young people, the South Down MLA said:

“The rights of these children and young people threaten no-one; they humiliate no-one.

“Today’s silent protest shows clearly their feelings that there are those who do not want to hear them or their language.

“There needs to be language rights and protections in the north, just as there is in the rest of Ireland, in Scotland and in Wales. 

“The denial of rights in our society must be left to dustbin of history. “Acht Gaeilge is an issue of respect, an issue of recognition and an issue of rights.”  P