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Howell calls raises concerns about popular path in Dundrum


Sinn Féin Councillor Róisín Howell has raised her concerns about dog foiling along a very popular and busy walking path located in Dundrum


Róisín who is the local Councillor for the area stated;

‘This path is a serious issue, when walking the path, myself the thought wasn’t of the amazing natural beauty of the area, instead, I was alarmed at the enormous issue the area has with dog foiling as well as litter.’

‘The path is one of the multiple walking routes surrounding Dundrum that are part of the old railway lines.’

‘This issue is a real problem; dog mess has serious health risk to the public and more importantly the children who play along these paths.’

‘I will be asking that the council create adequate bins for this issue right along the path in Dundrum to tackle the problem. The council’s policy is that dog mess can now be put inside ordinary bins, so placing new bins along these paths would combat both issues.’

‘I would also ask that dog owners take responsibility and always deal with their dog mess and not leave it as a problem for others.’