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Hazzard welcomes Harbour Authority opposition to Waste Plant Proposal


Sinn Féin’s Chris Hazzard MP has welcomed the decision from Warrenpoint Harbour Authority to request that ReGen Waste withdraw proposals for a hazardous waste plant on Carlingford Lough. 

The South Down MP said the local community on all sides of Carlingford Lough had been “disturbed” by news that such a facility had been proposed, adding that he was “inundated with requests from the local residents to oppose any notion of a hazardous waste plant” in Warrenpoint Harbour.

Mr Hazzard said:

“The prospect of a hazardous waste facility on Carlingford Lough had raised unprecedented interest in our lough and indeed the delicate ecosystem that it contains. 

 “I believe the local community are rightly concerned that any processing, storage or transport of such hazardous waste would have a hugely detrimental impact in terms of the environment, health & wellbeing and of course the tourism value of the local area. 

“Having spoken at length with various stakeholders involved in this proposal in recent weeks, I welcome the decision from Warrenpoint Harbour Authority to oppose the applicants proposals. 

“The Harbour Authority have went to great lengths in recent times to develop a masterplan for the local area which effectively balances the economic needs of both the harbour operation and the local economy. In opposing any notion of a hazardous waste facility in Warrenpoint I believe the Harbour Authority have very publicly demonstrated a welcome ability to operate in the best interests of the port, the community, and the local economy.

Mr Hazzard added:

“I now echo the Harbour Authority’s request that ReGen withdraw its current licence application to the NIEA and abandon any proposal to develop a hazardous waste facility on Carlingford Lough.”