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Hazzard commends Border Communities against Brexit protest in London


South Down MP Chris Hazzard has commended Border Communities against Brexit for demonstrating against Brexit in London this morning.


Speaking at the event Mr Hazzard said,


“I wish to commend the great work done by Border Communities against Brexit for bringing their protest onto the streets of London.


“By deploying a pop-up customs post and a bit of pageantry they have very cleverly brought to life the impact of a Brexit Border in Ireland to many people in London who have no idea of the ramifications.

“They have also sent a clear message to the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson that, despite his ridiculous claims, a border between the North and the South of Ireland cannot be compared to a London city boundary between Camden and Westminster.


“Speaking to people here today at the gates of University College London, it is apparent that there is no support for Boris Johnson’s notions of a Brexit border.


“It is now time for the British government to respect the democratic mandate expressed by the people of the North of Ireland to remain within the EU.”